Carnivorous plants is the new trend on the Internet

Did you know that the business of carnivorous plants is the new trend on the internet? The specialists in these peculiar plants assure that they are the best option to control insects, through a 100% natural process, this is due to the fact that they have the capacity to attract, trap and digest small animals that are annoying for humans, but for these plants are a snack.

Some think that in the near future these plants will replace traditional insecticides, these plants, in addition to being beautiful, can eat a mosquito or a spider.

Carnivorous flowers are species of swampy origin, they have the peculiarity of attracting insects to feed, by means of a substance that they themselves produce.

Insects perceive this substance and are attracted to plants, each species has a different function.

Due to their physical characteristics, there are plants that are considered carnivorous, he says, but only those that have the ability to attract their food, catch it and digest it are those that deserve the name.

The most famous carnivore is the “venus flytrap” (Dionaea muscipula), these plants have double leaves with spikes, when it attracts an insect the leaf closes.

Specialists tell us that the swamps of the United States and Australia are the main places where these species reproduce.