Do carnivorous plants eat humans?

Do carnivorous plants eat humans? There are people who are looking for special plants for their collection just for this curiosity.

Carnivorous plants eat insects and small animals but they do not eat humans. If a person puts his hand in one of the flowers of the carnivorous plant, it is not going to do anything to you, in fact you are going to harm the plant, because sensing movement spends energy closing its “trap leaves”, in addition, the skin has fat that when touched harms the carnivorous plant, nothing is going to happen to you, because it does not have poison, the only one harmed would be the plant.

Heat, light and humidity are the ideal conditions for this type of plants to live peacefully, they take care of the rest: attracting their prey.
The only thing they need is the right conditions of humidity and heat, that allows them to produce the substance that attracts insects.

These plants require certain care, watered by absorption with jug water, every three times a week, so a child who has a carnivorous plant becomes more responsible since he has to be aware every three days that his plant does not lack water, when it lacks water it begins to dry, the plant begins to turn yellow and can get sick.


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